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Plymouth Hospitals Trust are running an exclusive £150 bonus payment each month for Registered Midwives between 9th March and 31st May 2018*.

*The following Terms and Conditions apply:

  • Only applicable to RM66
  • Bank Only workers must complete 8 shifts (6 shifts for march) per month to be eligible
  • Multi Post Holders must work 4 shifts (3 shifts for March) per month to be eligible
  • A total of 7.5 hours per shift (Including breaks) must be worked
  • If you cancel a shift within 4 hours of shift start time you will become exempt from the incentive for that month
  • Shifts worked 9/3/18 – 31/3/18 – Shifts must be released by 11/4/18, payment 27th April
  • Shifts worked 1/4/18 – 30/4/18 – shifts must be released by 9/5/18, payment 25th May
  • Shifts worked 1/5/18 – 31/5/18 – Shifts must be released by 6/6/18, payment 22nd June

Should you have any queries, please contact your local bank office on 01752 432098.

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